Centralized Call Centre with highly qualified agents

Digitech Service Centre (DSC) was established to serve our most valuable contributors, our customers. DSC is housed in a purpose built, well equipped, up to date facility, staffed with a team of over 115 qualified technicians both expatriate and local from diverse backgrounds. DSC’s main point of contact is through the Customer Information Centre (CIC), with a number of agents available throughout the day to advise and help customers with product, sales as well as service queries.

Main business functions of Digitech Service Center:

  • Maintenance of all products sold by Central Advanced Digitech covering the entire LG range of products distributed in Sudan.
  • Installation of all LG products including LCDs, PDPs, Automatic Washing Machines, Refrigerators and Air Conditioning Systems.
  • AC Project Management, Free Consultation and Design.
  • Provision of Original Materials & Spare Parts.
  • Execution of Annual Maintenance Contracts.
  • Customer Care

Digitech Maintenance Center offers its services through 8 branches and 21 state-of-the-art maintenance centers. The main center in Khartoum North includes a large number of authorized installation contractors, project teams, regular maintenance teams, maintenance teams, mobile installations and SWAT teams. It is backed by a large fleet of valued customer service in their locations.