welcome to our new service “Used Product Replacement”. This service allows you to exchange your Digitech products with new ones

Step One 

Want to obtain your new Digitech Product?
1-Fill the form in next page
2- An expert team will visit to assess the product. They will also offer free sanitization.
3- Our team will contact you within one working day with the assessment results
4- A credit note will be issued in your name upon your acceptance
5- Select your new product(s) from Digitechstores.com pay the difference only
6- Our delivery team will deliver your purchased product(s) and collect used product (exchange)

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only the following Digitech products can be replaced (Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Washing Machines, TVs and Residential AC)
  2. Used Product must be in operational condition
  3. Visit Fees apply
  4. Product value offered in the form of non-cash credit note
  5. Credit note is valid for 72 hours

Fill the Form

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